Emptying station for octobin and bigbag

OctobinBags with foil inlets

BigBagBags with loops

Foil/bag tightener oscillation system

Suction head oscillating system

Vibrating suction head

Automatic complete emptying / automatic bag tightener

Fully equipped

Suitable for all tasks


  • easy to operate
  • unmanned operation
  • minimal operating costs
  • low maintenance
  • robust and durable
  • just pallet jack will do
  • proven in thousands

SOS Specifics

  • particularly space-saving in width
  • foil/bag tightener oscillation system
  • suction head oscillating system
  • fully equipped
  • 8-fold height adjustable
  • vibrating suction head
  • automatic complete emptying / automatic bag tightener


OKTOMAT® SOS is ideally suited for the majority of applications. It handles the emptying of free-flowing to bridge-forming materials. For even more difficult tasks, the discharge station can be extended with options.

Materials standard optional
poorly flowable

Just pallet jack will do

Simply use a pallet jack to move the bulk bags, clamp the foil and the suction will follow without supervision and risk of interruption. The bulk bags will be compeltely emptied.

Suitable for all types of bulk bags


bulk bags
with loops


bulk bags
with foil inlets


with foil inlets

The OKTOMAT® handles easily and effectively the discharging of all common types of BigBags, octobins, folding boxes, lattice boxes, bulk bags with foil inlet, etc.

Bulk material in all variations

OKTOMAT® stations are ideally suited for the majority of applications. They handle the emptying of free-flowing to bridge-forming materials. For even more difficult tasks, the discharge station can be extended with options.

  • activated carbon powder
  • medical cover caps
  • cut long glass fibre
  • mixed herbs
  • foil punching grid
  • agglomerat
  • breadcrumbs
  • rubber granulate
  • salt
  • powder free-flowing
  • flat foil grinding material
  • hot-melt adhesives
  • grinding material from shredder
  • glass fibre sticks
  • pellets virgin material

Suction head oscillating system

The suction head enters vibrating into the material, is pulled up again in a time-controlled manner (the resulting sinkhole in the material fills up), is lowered back onto the surface and the procedure starts all over again. Frequency, stroke, lifting force and sequence of short or long strokes are individually adjustable.

1During suction, a cavity may result in the suction zone underneath the suction head.

2The suction head oscillation system raises the suction head. The resulting sinkhole fills up again.

3The system lowers the suction head back to the surface and makes it sink down time-controlled.

Foil/bag tightener oscillating system

In case of very bridging materials, a non-slip wall may occur during the suction process. By repeated lowering and lifting of the foil/bag tightener during suction, the material wall will be loosened, thus enabling the material to flow towards the suction point.


The border areas do not slip. A deep sinkhole is formed.


The oscillation system lowers the foil/bag tightener towards the bulk material surface and the material under pressure in border area will be released.


The suction head is raised and the oscillating system pulls the foil wall upwards. The constricting container wall presses the material walls into the middle and causes them to collapse.


The suction head is lowered again and can suck away more material.

Automatic complete emptying

1During the suction process, the flexible bulk bag wall is pulled up and inwards via the automatic bag tightening system.

2As a result, the bag tightens and the bulk material in the border area flows to the central suction point.

3At the end of the discharging process, the almost empty bulk bag is automatically lifted up from the bottom, enabling a complete material discharging.


OKTOMAT® in practice

  • Space
  • Space
  • Space
  • Space

Thousands of OKTOMAT® systems are in use worldwide. Most of them work in 3-shift operation under the hardest conditions, e. g. in the plastics and chemical industries.

  • paper / foil
  • PVC processing
  • recycling
  • cable
  • optics
  • lighting
  • WPC
  • logistics
  • paper finishing
  • chemistry / raw materials
  • medical technology
  • food
  • raw material handling
  • technical parts
  • automotive
  • plug connectors
  • packaging
  • foil production


  • Single-column version made of steel, powder-coated
  • 8-fold height adjustable
  • Universal foil/bag tightener made of stainless steel (Ø 600mm)
    for foil inliners and BigBag
  • Automatic complete emptying / automatic bag tightener
  • Suction head type S-38 / S-45 / S-50
    conveying hose 38 / 45 / 50 mm
  • Suction head oscillating system
  • Foil/bag tightener oscillating system
  • Tension force 1500 N
  • SOS control
    • Oscillation
    • Empty suction function (conveying line)
    • Dual emptying time display
    • Empty signal via LED light and potential-free contact
    • Automatic switching on to the next OKTOMAT®

Robust and durable

Thousands of OKTOMAT® systems are in use worldwide. Most of them work in 3-shift operation under the hardest conditions, e. g. in the plastics and chemical industries.

Low maintenance

OKTOMAT® discharging stations are designed for low maintenance and service-friendly. Any necessary spare parts can be changed with just a few steps.

24h Service

Upon receipt of notice of failure and clarification of the actual situation with HELIOS service department the necessary spare part will be sent to the customer within 24 h.


Due to its single-column form, the OKTOMAT® SOS is particularly space-saving in its width. An area of approx. 1000 mm x 1700 mm is recommended.


Containers can be transported on the front, left and right to the OKTOMAT®. The control unit can be easily operated from the side. A remote control is available as an option.

Installation height

The OKTOMAT® SOS is 8-fold height-adjustable. The installation height can be selected from 2620 mm - 3670 mm.

Container height

In order to achieve complete emptying, there must be a minimum distance of 1500 mm between the top edge of the container and the top edge of the discharge station.

Special versions

  • OKTOMAT® SOS partial food version

ATEX version

OKTOMAT® discharge stations are optionally available in ATEX version. Zone 2/22

  • partial ATEX: suction head + conveying hose
  • partial ATEX: foil/bag tightener
  • complete ATEX Zone 2/22


All OKTOMAT® series at a glance. The optimal discharge station for every task.

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OKTOMAT® emptying stations can be optimally customized to your requirements with a large number of options.

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Other OKTOMAT® emptying stations

After Sales Service

We do not leave you alone with the HELIOS components, but accompany you through the entire process from the selection up to starting up and training of your employees. That is what we understand by partnership. Our staff will be pleased to advise you on the possible applications of our products and to inform you about our latest technical developments - also for possible retrofits.

  • consulting
  • starting up
  • training
  • upgrade
  • maintenance/checking up
  • spare parts supply within 24h

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