JETBOXX® Controls

WINsystem®/ WINneo®

JETBOXX® Controls

Perfect drying result by
throughput-/ material dependent dryer settings

  • 100% accurate repeatable settings of all drying parameters
  • compact construction
  • quick selection programs
  • removable drying control
  • large-scale main display

Plastic data base

Database proposals for plastic-specific settings are obtained which can be accepted or changed. These are as personal programs storable too.

Conveying control

The dryers can control two compressed air conveyors for 1 or 2 component conveying with or without dedusting

  • Mix function
  • Detection of lack of material
  • Dedusting

Week timer

Continious drying programs and one-portion drying can be programmed for every day of the week individually. Preheating program at restart of the continious drying programs before starting production.

Overheating protection

The drying system monitors the extraction and filling. When exceeding the permitted dwell time of the granules in the drying container, the control lowers the drying temperature and the dry gas volume flow. A thermal damage of the plastic is avoided.

Drying programs

  • Quick selection programs
  • Database programs
  • Personal programs

Exectutable in drying mode:

  • Pre-/continiuous drying
  • Continious drying
  • Batch drying

Dew point measurement

Every WINsystem® granulate dryer / dry-air dryer has a precision dew point measuring device as standard. The dry air quality is monitored permanently up to -50°C dew point and an alarm will be triggered if exceeding the permitted dew point, so an optimal drying result is warranted.

JETBOXX® comparison

WINneo® WINsystem®
4 quick selection programs
9 personal programs
Plastic database
for plastic-specific and throughput-dependent dryer settings
Measurement of dew point + display
Dew point alarm
Energy consumption display Display of compressed air treatment, heating capacity and total energy consumption
Large digital display
Graphic display with 10 languages
Week timer
Conveying control
2x conveying point
1x dedusting
2x conveying point
2x dedusting
2x mix function
Material lack detection
Overdrying protection
Error messages + collective fault signal

in standard
not available

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