Dedusting module for conveying systems

The HELIOS dedusting module is an outstanding new development which can be fitted to existing conveying systems regardless of the manufacturer.

When supplying material, abrasion occurs depending on the length of the conveying distance and the number of diverte pipes. This abrasion in the form of dust or angel hair may result in serious problems at the feeder area of the processing machine or the end product. The unique HELIOS dedusting module steps in precisely where real problems exist and therefore where there is need to take action.

The existing on-site conveying equipment will remain in use - it is only moved sideways onto a sliding rail. In this new position there is a suction device under the sliding rail from which the material conveyed is sucked into the HELIOS dust separation device, the dust is removed portion by portion and then it is transferred to the processing machine (type A).

The operation does not need dust to be removed at this point, from time to time the HELIOS deduster can be moved to a park position and the conveying equipment is moved once more to the original position via the feeder area. The material conveyed is then channelled directly to the processing machine.

HELIOS dedusters remove dust by using a patented, 3 stage process by separating the air with an ion shower. There are 3 ranges of dust separators for material flow rates of up to 35 kg/h or up to 50 kg/h for each conveying point available.

The upgrade kit, consisting of a sliding rail with an adapter for fixing it to the processing machine and suction device for the HELIOS HELIO®Clean 3 or HELIO®Clean Pro range, is suitable for any conveying equipment available.