Company profile and history

Milestones of the company development

Company history

HELIOS GmbH is a family-run company which specialises in the development, production and global sales of equipment and machines for material handling, in particular in the field of plastics, starting from the production at raw materials to compounding up to processing.

The product spectrum ranges from industrial emptying stations for large containers to pneumatic conveying and dedusting devices up to plastic granulate dryers, designed as top-mounted, stand-alone or portion dryers.

HELIOS products are used in a wide range of industries and applications, such as in the plastic, automobile and electronics industry as well as medicine, chemistry and process technology.

Since 1982 HELIOS has been setting new industry standards under the motto "We invented it" in the material handling sector.

The first portion dryer for plastic granulate, the first emptying system from above for bulk materials in bulk containers and the first small-quantity plastic granulate dryer with a database and plastic-specific, flow-dependent dryer settings as well as granulate deduster with compressed-air jet all come from HELIOS. In the meantime, more than 10,000 dryers, more than 5,000 emptying systems and more than 1,000 dedusters have been sold in more than 50 countries.

HELIOS GmbH milestones

1982 The engineering office for plastics technology, IKT, was founded in Rosenheim as a forerunner to HELIOS GmbH by Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Wilhelm.

1990 HELIOS Gerätebau für Kunststofftechnik GmbH is founded in Olching by K.Wilhelm, W.Fritz and V.Willian. Introduction of HELIOMAT®, the first portion dryer in the world with removable drying containers at FAKUMA.

1994 Moved to a new company building in Dachau.

1996 First introduction of the OKTOMAT® emptying system at FAKUMA.

1998 Introduction of the removable JETBOXX® dryer control unit and company head office moved to Rosenheim.

2001 Introduction of the JETBOXX® range with database, the mother of all current small-quantity compressed air dryers worldwide at K-2001.

2004 The well proven type series WINsystem® is added to the JETBOXX® range.

2008 Introduction of the first dedusting system for small flow rates, the HELIO® Clean 2.

2012 First deduster with ionisation

2016 Introduction of the 3-stage dedusting process with ion shower, the HELIO® Clean Pro.

2019 presentation of „Deduster Dryer“ at the CIOE 2019 and K-2019

2020 delivery of the initial 100 units of „Deduster Dryer“ for the lenses production

2021 presentation of „Deduster Dryer“ DD12 Optical Edition at the CIOE 2021 and Fakuma 2021

2022 market introduction of „Dedusting System“ HC-Pro-30