Conveying device with dedusting
HELIO®Clean 2

Compressed-air conveyor with dust removal function

As single device with own control
or as JETBOXX® dryer option

The HELIO®Clean 2 conveyor / dedusting unit was specially developed for plastics processing and is suitable for mounting on a processing machine or a drying container.

  • compact and simple construction
  • 1 or 2-component version
  • simple operation
  • special glass construction
  • optimum price/performance ratio
  • material throughput up to 25 kg/h*


*depending on material and required degree of dedusting

Dust removal process

Dust separation by compressed air jet and whirling


Conveying using Venturi suction lance(s), the material is already pre-dedusted during conveying, dust removal into the dust collection container.


Dedusting after each conveying process by 1 to 9 dedusting impulses by means of compressed air jet from above onto the dedusting portion, dust removal into the dust collection container.

Version for 2 components

HELIO®Clean 2 MIX - Regrind material and virgin material are conveyed, dedusted and homogenised.


Standard equipment

  • version for mounting on processing machine with cone and machine adapter, type M
  • 1-component version
  • compact version (control on device)
  • special glass, abrasion-resistant and viewable from all sides


  • version for mounting on drying container, type B
  • split version (control can be mounted separately)
  • 2-component version HELIO®Clean 2 MIX

Conveying hose set

  • Compressed air driven Venturi suction lance
    short or long version
    Conveying height up to 8 m
  • conveying hose
    PUR-H DN 32 (3m) with earthing
    compressed air line bundled with hose


  • conveying hose long (5 m)

Dust removal

  • dust collection container
    5,5 liter volume
  • dust removal hose
    DN-50 5m

The separated dust is removed into a separate dust collection container. An integrated exhaust air filter ensures dust-free ambient air.


  • dust collection container extension
    + 11 liter volume

HELIO®Clean 2

material throughput max. 25 kg/h*
dedusting portion 0,25 liter
process whirling up by compressed air jet from above
ionizer no ionization possible
dust removal separate dust collection container
control HELIO®Clean 2
or option CE/ME in JETBOXX®
  • compact or split version
  • 1- or 2-components version
  • separate dust collection container
  • Venturi suction lances
place of action mounting on processing machine or drying container

* depending on material and required degree of dedusting example based on PMMA/PC

Control HELIO®Clean 2

Version for 1 component

Control HELIO®Clean 2 MIX

Version for 2 components

Control by JETBOXX® dryers

JETBOXX® dryers from HELIOS can control up to two HELIO®Clean 2 dedusting units. In this case, the control box on the dedusting and conveying unit is not required and all parameters for conveying and dedusting can be set directly on the dryer system control.

JETBOXX®   Series WINneo®

JETBOXX®   Series WINsystem®

Second conveying point

HELIO®Clean 2 version for mounting on processing machine    Type M
Direct mounting on processing machine as second conveying point for mobile JETBOXX® dryers (JETBOXX® Option CE)








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