Automatic discharging stations for Octabin and BigBag

For all free-flowing, up to „difficult“ materials

The problem with emptying

The discharging of octobins and BigBags through suction pipes is often difficult and not always practical. The conveying is interrupted too often and leads to production disruptions. The film bag is sucked in oft en or the material does not flow continuously, which is particularly problematic at the end of the discharging process. Often an operator has to guide the suction pipe by hand for a longer period of time in order to discharge a bulk bag.

The solution

The OKTOMAT® uses a vibrating suction head instead of the suction pipe and the automatic bag tightening mechanism pulls the foil inlet or BigBag upwards. The suction head floats and vibrates in the material and breaks up lumps. The loosened material flows towards the middle and is continuously sucked.

For all bulk bags with foil inlet or loops

The OKTOMAT® handles easily and effectively the emptying of all common types of BigBags, octobins, folding boxes, lattice boxes, bulk bags with foil inlet, etc.

  • BigBag - container with loops
  • Octabin - container with foil inliner
  • Mesh box - container with foil inliner

Bulk material in all variations

OKTOMAT® stations are ideally suited for the majority of applications. They handle the emptying of free-flowing to bridge-forming materials. For even more difficult tasks, the discharge station can be extended with options.


  • activated carbon powder
  • medical cover caps
  • cut long glass fibre
  • mixed herbs
  • foil punching grid
  • agglomerat
  • breadcrumbs
  • rubber granulate
  • salt
  • powder free-flowing
  • flat foil grinding material
  • hot-melt adhesives
  • grinding material from shredder
  • glass fibre sticks
  • pellets virgin material

Just pallet jack will do

Simply use a pallet jack to move the bulk bags, clamp the foil and the suction will follow without supervision and risk of interruption. The bulk bags will be compeltely emptied.

History of a success story

OKTOMAT® system discharging station wins out worldwide

HELIOS was granted an EP and a US patent for a suction device based on a patent application in 1995, in which a floating suction head is used for discharging bulk bags from above instead oft he usual suction pipe. The foil bag is automatically pulled upwards via a tensioning device in oder to achive a complete discharging.

Following this fundamental idea, further procedural and additional features were developed gradually, such as

  • Raising the remaining bulk material off the floor
  • Clamping oft he foil bag by means of a tension belt
  • Oscillation oft he suction head while discharging
  • Fluidization oft he bulk material by compressed air via nozzles at the suction head
  • Clamping and relieving the bulk bag wall while discharging

Which were also protected by patent, the „OKTOMAT“ system. Depending on the task, various frame types have proven tob e particularly advantageous in practice. Since ist launch at FAKUMA in 1996, more than 5000 systems have been installed worldwide.

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