Options and accessories

Extensions and options for the JETBOXX® dryer system

Compressed-air conveyors for dryer filling / machine feeding

Drying Container

0,5 liter1,0 liter2,5 liter5 liter6 liter12 liter18 liter20 liter30 liter50 liter75 liter
Weight [kg]4,55,06,77,29,012,014,015,519,025,335,3
Height [mm]229369347587439495545474641801942
Width [mm]252301341376376407433
Depth [mm]169219259293293324403
Coverswivelling coverswivelling coverswivelling coverswivelling coverhinged coverhinged coverhinged coverremovableremovableremovableremovable + cleaning door
optionalhinged coverhinged coverhinged coverhinged cover
Filling Heightvariable
2 - 6 liter
4 - 12 liter
8 - 18 liter
15 - 30 liter
30 - 50 liter
50 - 75 liter

Machine adapter / Special versions

Machine adapter

Polished flat slide outlet valve
L-guides for sliding rail [mm]


Machine adaption

Krauss Maffei, Arburg, Demag, Babyplast, Engel, Netstal, Boy, etc.


Polished outlet slide, spring-loaded pressure pieces with a Teflon sealing disc.

Medical application

All material touching parts of stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304).


With a lockable slider.

Material outlet / suction


Outlet pipe, vertical


Outlet pipe, sloping


1-fold suction device (free of dead space) for Venturi suction lance 
DN 22 | DN 32


2-fold suction device for Venturi suction lances
DN 22 | DN 32

Discharge aid

While material feeding by the dosing screw, it is possible to lead compressed air shots into the outlet plate below the drying container.

XT-1 mini

mini suction device (free of dead space)
conveying line DN 22

integrated dry air conveying

integrated Venturi suction lance



1-fold suction device (free of dead space) for Venturi suction lance
DN 22 | DN 32
conveying by means of dry air (optionally)

conveying by means of dry air


2-fold suction device for Venturi suction lances
DN 22 | DN 32
conveying by means of dry air (optionally)

conveying by means of dry air


Split version

The JETBOXX® dryer control and the drying container can be mounted at appropriate places. The dry air will be led into the drying container by means of an insulated tube. Available for drying container sizes from 0,5 – 18 liters.

Protection cover

Protection cover for high temperature applications as contact protection. For glass drying containers 0,5 to 5 liters.

UP 2000

Cold regenerating adsorptions dryer to reduce the dew point of dry air up to -60°C. 15 / 30 / 60 / 100 m³/h.

Option Z

Signal input of third-party conveyer for protection against overdrying.

Docking plate / transport

Docking plate

Serves as the holding device for the dryer control and as the docking station for changing drying containers, installed on machine adapter.

A 20 / 30 liters drying container

B 0,5 - 18 liters drying container

Docking place

The docking plate with dryer control is placed directly on the injection moulding machine, for example. The drying containers are docked via sliding rail. The dried resin will be transported to the feeding zone by means of a suction device.


for transport from pre-drying station to point of consumption.

Sliding rail 80x15mm or 80x20mm

Crane bracket

Stainless steel drying containers are hooked by the bracket and transported by indoor crane. (Standard handles are replaced by metal handles).

Base frames / rack

Base frame

If more than one dryer should be combined as stand-alone or pre-dryers, 2-/3-/4-fold frames made of alumimium profile are available.

2-fold unit3-fold unit4-fold unit
A Height [mm]739739739
Width [mm]117916792100
Depth [mm]683683683
Electrical power supllyCentral power supply for all docking areas (optional)
Sliding railSloping on both front sides, for L-shape sliding guides 80x15mm oder 80x20mm

Stand-alone dryer rack

By combining with a rack the top-mounted dryer can be changed to a stand-alone dryer.

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