Dryer controls

Series WINneo®2

left picture:  WINneo® 2/in Mini size
for 1/2,5/6/12/24 liters

right picture: WINneo® 2 | in BT size
for 20/30/50/75/200 liters

WINneo® Control

Quick dial of drying programs

The quick dial function enables to program and to start a drying task within a shortest period.
The settings will be done direcctly on the main displays.

5 quick dials for drying programs

Filling level calculator

By entering the throughput per hour, the material specific drying time as well as the bulk density, the calculator suggest the optimum drying container filling volume.

Week timer

Switch-on and switch-off times can be individually programmed for each day of the week.

Overdrying protection

In continious drying mode, the dryer control lowers the drying temperature and the dry gas volume flow when exceeding the premitted dwell time of the granules in the drying container. The hint „H01“ appears. After refilling the drying container again, drying continues with the set values. 

Thermal damage of the plastic material is thus avoided.



Conveying control

The dryer control can control two compressed air conveyers with dedusting function additionally.

Adjustment level E30

  • detection of lack of material (e.g.  after 60 sec. conveying time)
  • conveying point 1
  • mix function of conveying point 1
  • dedusting
  • conveying point 2
  • dedusting

Large-scale main displays

The most important parameters like drying intensity, drying temperature and drying time are easy to read even from a distance thanks to the large displays.

  1. drying intensity
  2. actual drying temperature
  3. elapsed drying time

Dew point monitoring

The actual dew point of the used compressed air will be monitored permanently or alterating with the actual drying temperature. An alarm will be triggered if the permissible dew point is exeeded.

  1. Actual value
  2. Setpoint value
  3. Error F3 (dew point)
  4. Settings menu E3
  5. Dew point alarm

Tool-free control change

The control can be removed from the drying container easily by means of clamping locks. For the time of service like recalibration, a dryer control in replacement will be provided by HELIOS.

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