Variable drying station for JETBOXX® granulate dryers

Mobile frame with docking system and mobile drying containers

Drying island or pre-drying station with mobile drying containers

HELIOS plastic granulate dryers are positioned on a base frame with docking plates. The drying containers may be removed and carried to the processing device. They are mounted directly on the feeding section and the dried material can be processed. If the material should be kept dry on the machine, a JETBOXX® docking plate can be used, that is connected to a dryer control.

When changing the setting of task the components can be combined easily or used as top-mounted dryers again.

  • Pre-drying station for quick change of material
  • Drying station for sample batches
  • Batch drying in small sizes / sampling
  • Laboratory applications
  • Cleanroom supply with hermetically sealed drying containers
  • Drying container parking station
  • Stand-alone station / dryer as insular solution

Suitable for the entire JETBOXX® product range.

  • Suitable for all drying containers
  • Drying control WINneo® or WINsystem®
  • Top-mounted dryers mini to top-mounted dryers
  • Suction / Discharge devices
  • Can be combined with external conveyors

When changing the setting of task the components can be combined easily or used as top-mounted dryers again.

JETBOXX® Docking system

JETBOXX® Docking system

The docking plate serves as holding device for the dryer control and as docking station for changing drying containers, mounting with machine adapter on sliding rail. When the drying time has elapsed the hermetically sealed containers can be moved comfortably by rack to the point of consumption.

  1. Docking plate
  2. Dryer control JETBOXX®
  3. L-claw with locking lever
  4. Drying container with L-claw and locking lever


Docking versions for mobile drying containers

Version A

The dryer filled with dried granules is attached directly onto the feed section of the injection molding machine via a sliding rail.

Version B

A docking plate with dryer control is fixed on the injection molding machine. The drying containers are docked via a sliding rail.

Version C

The docking plate including the dryer control is fixed directly on the injection molding machine. The drying containers are docked via a sliding rail. The dried granules are conveyed via a sucion device onto the injection molding machine.

Version D

The docking plate and dryer control are mounted on a base frame / stand-alone station.

Version E

Application as stand-alone station / dryer as insular solution.

System components

Base frames

A Height [mm]739739739
Width [mm]117916792100
Depth [mm]683683683
Electrical power supllyCentral power supply for all docking areas (optional)
Sliding railBevelled on both sides, for L-claw 80x15mm oder 80x20mm

Trolley / Suction / Discharge devices

Trolly for variable drying stationOutlets for variable drying station
Movable rackSuction / Discharge devices
for transport from pre-drying station to point of consumption sliding rail 80x15mm or 80x20mm

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Perfect drying result by throughput-/ material dependent dryer settings

100% accurate repeatable settings of all drying parameters.

  • Plastic data base
  • Conveying control
  • Week timer
  • Overheating protection
  • Drying programs
  • Dew point measurement
  • Quick selection programs
  • Database programs
  • Personal programs

Calibration service

HELIOS dryers are maintenance-free except filters.
All the resin dryers are tested for several hours before delivery.

Dryer calibration in standard
All HELIOS dryers are factory calibrated for two dew point values, two drying temperatures and three volume flow rates with a calibration certificate.

Repeat calibrations
are possible locally by a HELIOS service technician or with HELIOS inplant. For this purpose, the dryer control is simply detachable by means of quick clamps, no tools are necessary. To avoid production stops during the service, there are interim devices available with HELIOS.

Long-term warranty for all* dryers regarding

  • Maintenance
  • Repeat calibration
  • Availability of interim devices

*for all JETBOXX® dryers built since 1998

After Sales Service

You are not alone with the HELIOS components, we will support you with whole the process up to the start-up and training of your staff. This is what the partnership exactly involves. As to the different application possibilities of our products, our engineers are glad to give you advice and to inform you about the latest technical developements - also for possible upgrades.

  • starting-up
  • training
  • consultation
  • maintenance
  • interims devices
  • dryer calibration
  • spare parts leaving within 48h

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