OKTOMAT® SOS Classic INOX emptying stations are used especially in sensitive production areas with the highest demands.




Emptying station for octobin and bigbag

octobinBags with foil inlets

BigBagBags with loops

Completely made of stainless steel

  • Suitable for high-pressure cleaning
  • Resistant to aggressive cleaning agents


  • easy to operate
  • unmanned operation
  • minimal operating costs
  • low maintenance
  • robust and durable
  • just pallet jack will do
  • proven in thousands

SOS Specifics

  • foil/bag tightener oscillation system
  • suction head oscillating system
  • fully equipped
  • height adjustable
  • vibrating suction head
  • automatic complete emptying / automatic bag tightener


OKTOMAT® SOS is ideally suited for the majority of applications. It handles the emptying of free-flowing to bridge-forming materials. For even more difficult tasks, the discharge station can be extended with options.

Materials standard optional
poorly flowable


The OKTOBAG®control is an extremely comprehensive discharge control and includes

  • Graphic display with intuitive operator guidance
  • Display of all operating states
  • 5 function keys
  • Buttons for automatic operation
  • Button for conveyor unit ON/OFF

The entire program sequence can be individually programmed and individual functions can be disabled or enabled. The operating personnel have to take care only of manual or automatic operation.


  • Portal version made of stainless steel 1.4301/AISI 304
  • 10-fold height-adjustable
  • Suction head SM Clean made of stainless steel 1.4571/AISI 316 with compressed air vibrators,
    available with conveying hose 38/50/65/80 mm
  • Bag tightener with 4 stainless steel carabiners for BigBag
  • Automatic complete discharge / automatic bag tightener
  • Discharge aids by means of
    • steplessly adjustable vibrators in the suction head
    • oscillation of the suction head
    • oscillation of the bag tightener
  • Empty suction function (conveying line)
  • Empty signal, potential-free contact
  • OKTOBAG® control with intuitive operator guidance and display of all operating states via graphic display


  • Change-over switch, automatic to the next OKTOMAT®
  • Residual material quantity weighing < 150 kg via strain gauge unit
  • Weighing platform with negative weighing of the entire system
  • Foil/bag tightener for foil inliners
  • Protection cover for bulk bags + foil/bag tightener
  • Suction head XL-Clean with fluidization

Bag tightener

The ring is suitable for BigBag with loops. It can be easily converted from low to high containers. Material: stainless steel

Suction head

Vibrating suction head to loosen and suck off the bulk material. Material: stainless steel 1.4408/1.4571 (AISI 316), PUR conveying hose.

ATEX version

OKTOMAT® discharge stations are optionally available in ATEX version. Zone 2/22

  • partial ATEX: suction head + conveying hose
  • partial ATEX: foil/bag tightener
  • complete ATEX Zone 2/22

Other OKTOMAT® emptying stations

After Sales Service

We do not leave you alone with the HELIOS components, but accompany you through the entire process from the selection up to starting up and training of your employees. That is what we understand by partnership. Our staff will be pleased to advise you on the possible applications of our products and to inform you about our latest technical developments - also for possible retrofits.

  • consulting
  • starting up
  • training
  • upgrade
  • maintenance/checking up
  • spare parts supply within 24h

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