Compressed air conveyors

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Mounting on processing machine

  • 1-component conveyor with exhausted air filter
  • with individual control
  • Special glass and stainless steel
  • Machine adapter with gate valve
  • Compact and split version
  • Capacitive filling level sensor
  • Machine adapter with gate valve
  • Conveying line DN 32
Conveying capacity up to 100 kg/h


Mounting on drying container

Conveying set DN 32

Compressed air conveying Venturi principle

  • Conveying hose
    PUR hose + compressed air line
    (3m or 5m)
  • Suction lance
    Venturi suction lance
    (short / long)

Conveying height up to 8 m

Because of their construction, HELIOS compressed air conveyors are able to convey the material gently up to 8m.

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