The DD 12/DD 24 Optical Edition dedusting dryer

The DD 12/DD 24 Optical Edition dedusting dryer is a further development of the already at the K-2019 and CIOE 2019 presented HELIOS dedusting dryer, which is now used in large numbers on special injection molding machines for lenses production around the world.

With DD 12/24, the special requirements of manufacturers for optical parts of COC, COP, PC or PMMA are met by injection moulding even more perfectly. Typical material throughputs are between 0.4 kg/h and 6.0 kg/h, the filling quantity  required for this can be continuously preselected on a new type of octagonal drying tower. The drying intensity is selectable in 3 levels. Together with a freely configurable overdrying protection, this ensures a perfect drying result. The operator can choose between air or nitrogen as the operating gas. Stage 1 of the DD 12 consists of the HELIOS® deduster HC-3/Set 2 in the special „Optical Edition“version. The following stage 2 consists of JETBXX dryer type WINneo , type 12 in the special „Optical Edition“version.

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